Affordable Bankruptcy for Consumers

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Affordable Bankruptcy for Consumers

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using the Federal Bankruptcy Code is just a

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WHAT WE DO: We educate in common terms the regular consumer on their options to file Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Bankruptcy Chapter 13, which if applicable to their individual situation, will relieve that consumer of their debt, allow them to keep their home and car, and start a FRESH NEW financial life without debt! SEE HOW BANKRUPTCY has positively changes the life of so many individuals, and how BANKRUPTCY can do the same for YOU!!!

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This site contains information relating to:


Personal Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Debtor relief

Foreclosure of your home

Second mortgage and Home Equity loan Strip Downs

Stopping foreclosure and Sheriff Sale of your home so you can keep your home

Home Owner & Condo Association (HOA) fees

Car loans

Car loan Cram Downs

Stop car repossessions

Motor Vehicle Commission Surcharges

Get your driving privileges restored even with enormous MVC surcharges

Credit card debt

Personal loans

Unsecured debt

Secured debt

Medical bills Utility bills

Wage garnishments

Wage executions

Bank account levies

Personal loans

IRS and State tax levies

All the above pertain to Bankruptcy, either Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Bankruptcy Chapter 13 for Consumers.

Fresh Start with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy

No matter how much one may hope otherwise, sometimes life can take an unexpected turn that requires you to need the services of an attorney. A good lawyer is someone you can depend on to be on your side, explain to you all of your legal options, and then fight for your rights. Our clients are hardworking honest individuals who just happened to fall upon difficult economic times, by losing their jobs, catastrophic medical bills, or just going more and more into debt just to try to survive economically.  Their lives become one of fearing to go to the mailbox, or answer calls from creditors and collection agencies, and many sleepless nights worrying how to survive. They continue to struggle to survive financially, working as hard as possible to pay their bills, but seeing their debts continue to grow. Review all pages on this site and you will begin to see how the Bankruptcy statute has helped so many consumers just like you to start again without debt. Call today for your FREE CONSULTATION @ #856-489-0580 and Edward R. Wiercinski will explain to you how the Bankruptcy Laws fit your specific economic situation, and you will find out what REAL RELIEF is waiting for you to start a new economic life without your OVERWHELMING DEBT.

CALL NOW @ # 856-489-0580 and find out how the Law Office of Edward R. Wiercinski has helped so many individuals JUST LIKE YOU recover from their overwhelming debt by getting rid of all the debt OR paying just a percentage back on the debt, and return to living financially healthy lives WITHOUT DEBT, and YOU WILL SEE HOW HE CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

Declaring bankruptcy can be a difficult decision, and you need an attorney with the experience and competence to guide you through the process. The Law Office of Edward R. Wiercinski will explain the Bankruptcy process in detail to you in laymen terms, analyzing if Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Bankruptcy Chapter 13 fits your personal economic situation.

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